Town Square

Getting Started With RS Town Square

What is RS Town Square?

We want the lessons and skills from our training videos to be useful to you long after the videos stop playing. We know all of you bring valuable perspectives and expertise to the table: this is the place to share it and translate the concepts of the videos into real-world applications! To do that, we have created our virtual collaborative space: RS Town Square. This space is hosted on the Slack platform and enables you to add your own expertise to the ideas discussed in each session, learn from the collective experiences of the Resistance School @ Berkeley community, and apply each session's content to your own work

Each week, we'll give you new "homework" questions to post about on this virtual discussion space. We encourage you to do the following:

  • Directly respond to the posting questions to share your own perspectives, questions, and challenges related to the training content
  • Respond to other folks who are watching and posting nationwide to fuel collaboration and coalition-building


Cool! Where do I go first?

  1. Easy: click on the button at the top of this page to get started!
  2. Once you’re on the workspace,you’ll see two “channels” on the left hand side of the screen that you’re automatically added to: #General and #Weekly Postings. We’ll post updates for you on the general page, and every week we’ll put new posting “homework” questions that are specific to each training session.


To start posting, you’ll need to join channels. Each “channel” is a different conversation thread divided by different categories of organizations (i.e. education, healthcare, food and nutrition, etc). You can join and post in as many channels as you want. We highly encourage joining channels focusing on issues that you work with now and issues new to you so you can expand your cross-community relationships!