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Organizing is inherently a collaborative process, and we recognize that groups working tirelessly to support and defend their communities don't always have the time or space for this collaboration. We're here to make it easier. In addition to providing online tools, we seek to serve as a hub for action and messaging coordination. Our location in the middle of the Bay Area’s vibrant organizing community and connection to the nationwide Resistance School network gives us a unique opportunity to bridge local, state, and national efforts, and to allow groups to fill gaps and connect with each other.


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Why do we collect this information?

We recognize that people have different levels of comfort with sharing their personal information and that identities are complex and cannot always be captured in a drop-down menu. This information helps us know who Resistance School @ Berkeley is reaching, so we can improve the tools we provide and make sure we reach a diverse audience. Your input helps us strive towards fairness, equity, and inclusivity in everything we do.


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