Resistance School @ Berkeley seeks to make strategy and communication tools available to people and grassroots groups to support their work in promoting and defending fairness, equity, and inclusivity. We seek to broaden access to those tools and knowledge by connecting local and national experts at with people on the front lines.


Recent events have made the work of long-time organizers and activists even more vital, and people who have never organized before suddenly feel a need to take action. In spring 2017, students at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government founded Resistance School to meet this growing demand for organizing training and skills. Recognizing the continued need to train and empower progressive organizers, a group of students at the Goldman School of Public Policy founded Resistance School @ Berkeley. Together, Resistance School and Resistance School @ Berkeley support organizing efforts across a range of skill and experience levels.


Are you an experienced organizer or activist?

Do you want to grow your network, collaborate with others working on your goals, or learn new skills to help your existing efforts? Resistance School @ Berkeley was designed with you in mind. Through conversations with long-time organizers and activists, we identified core needs of existing groups, including strategic messaging guidance, networking and collaboration space for increased coordination on issues, and best practices for using and critically evaluating research. You'll find these needs addressed directly in Resistance School @ Berkeley's trainings and homework.

New to organizing and activism?

Want to do something to help, but unsure of where to start? Check out the sessions on Resistance School’s site to identify where you can most effectively direct your efforts and add your voice to a growing community dedicated to defending the values of fairness, equity, and inclusivity.

No matter your experience level or reason for coming here, we all recognize that making real change is not as simple as taking to the streets. Progress requires sustained resistance against the forces causing harm, and that sustained resistance requires organization. That is why you are here, and that is why we want to support you in this work.


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